Study Guide Exam #1

Key Terms

Exam #1 – CES 101


Mrs. Phipps

Extinction Thesis

1790 Naturalization Act

1-Drop Rule


Win Tribe


Homer Plessy



Restrictive covenants

FHA (and discrimination/institutional racism during this process)

Home Owner Association

White Flight





Institutional Racism


Rubin Research

Cultural Racism

Colorblind racism

Racial Inequality and drowning deaths

Bell Curve

Lock-in Model

Racial Cartel

All White Primaries

Poll Tax

Literacy Test

Leo Frank

“In Between Peoples”

Takao Ozawa

Bhagat Singh Thind


Contract Buyers League

Dawes Act


By the numbers

  1. Data on Employment discrimination (call backs)
  2. Housing Discrimination and Race
  3. Black/White wealth disparities
  4. NYPD “stop and frisk” policies
  5. Katherine Becket Seattle Study
  6. Crack/Cocaine ratio
  7. Scholarships and race
  8. Patrick Sharkey’s research shows that black families making $______ typically live in the kinds of neighborhoods inhabited by white families making ______



  1. What’s the difference between equity and equality
  2. How does Tim Wise describe the differences between whites and blacks talking about race (what analogy does he use)
  3. What study did John Jackson undertake and what were his findings
  4. What conversations about race does Jay Smooth encourage us to have
  5. What are 10 things everyone should know about race?
  6. How did whites in Chicago preserve segregation
  7. What impact did Ozawa and Thind have on Japanese farmers
  8. What is 1 possible health consequence of high density of medical waste incinerators within African American communities within NY
  9. According to Burke, “Why are color-blind ideologies are problematic?”
  10. What’s the difference between color-blindness and color consciousness
  11. According to Williams, this is the opposite of color-blindness
  12. What sort of home loans were black families steered during the 2000s
  13. What percentages of jobs are secured with help of family and friends? Why/how does race matter?
  14. What conclusions does Roithmayr provide in terms of the future of racial inequity?
  15. What proposals does Coates offer to deal with history of racism and its persistent impact on opportunities and outcomes

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