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Course Blog: The course blog is a one-stop spot where you can find essential information about the class, participate in expansion of discussions, post-your online discussion, enhance your participation grade, and engage in topics and questions related to course materials.  A couple points: (1) every student will need to respond to at least 2 questions within this space – those are ONLINE WRITINGS.  (2) Students have the option and opportunity to participate in various discussions in this space – these are participation posts.  These are optional, but can assist in bolstering your participation score. There will also be extra credit opportunities here.  Blog address –

Twitter: I will try to use Twitter as an “in the world” tool and also as one to help you all generate ideas and questions that will help me tailor class lecture better. This, like the blog, is a “third space” which facilitates independent discussion and also serves a s abridge between the popular and the scholarly—which is what this class is all about. Twitter is a spot, a vehicle, a space, and a technology that allows for your quick, but thick thoughts/linkages on what we do in class and what is happening in the wider world related to our class topics. For instance, you may be watching The MTV, or Scandal or the news; you may be walking on campus and realize something, and want to link a real-world discussion/instance of race and want to comment in real-time about this moment. Our #hashtag will be #CES101WSU. Please add this whenever you’re tweeting something relevant to class. This will help to create a searchable archive or RSS feed. Tweet blog links, vids, stories. Participation in twitter can enhance participation score as well as Jeopardy ranking.[1]

Angel: Please note that the course uses Angel to update exam, participation, and online writing scores.  These will be updated monthly.  It is not used as the course grade book.

[1] Taken from syllabus of Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls


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