Required Readings

Required Readings


  • Online readings


  • Daria Roithmayr Reproducing Racism: How Everyday Choices Lock In White Advantage. NYU Press, 2014, ISBN-13: 978-0814777121

  • I-Clicker – You will need to have your clicker by week #2. Failure to have I-Clicker register will impact participation score starting week #2. You can register clickers here — (see last page of syllabus for instructions). If registered by 9/2, you will receive 15 extra jeopardy points)



4 comments on “Required Readings

  • I think it is critical that we engulf ourselves in the reality of this mayhem. There are so many social and ethnic discrepencies that it is extraordinarily painful to watch occur. As a society we need to stand up against this and end it just how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had envisioned. Dr. King did not just speak for blacks, he spoke for all the social discrepencies and it is time we lean and accept it is a problem and further on to fix it.


  • I think it is crazy that people today are still blind to classism and racism in todays society and ignore all signs and patterns of it. As much as I push for change I can not do it by myself and until others speak out against the evil that occurs in their everyday lives all hope will be lost and the cycle will continue. I appreciate CES 101 and think all students should be required to take the class to be awaken.


  • In my opinion, I believe that we should start acknowledging ethical problems such as the one showed in the video more often. These hard working employees have rent to pay, people to feed, etc. just like any other American. It is unfair for them to cut their employees minimum wages and the fact that many people are unaware of this is really an eye-opener for society. Unfortunately, this one only one of the many issues related to business ethics.


  • I think it so crazy that we fail to realize the ripple effects we are causing each day. We always find a way to do what is in our best interest without regards to the people around us. Also, worker’s rights need to be strictly mandated by a need basis. There is no point of working if the money you are making is not allowing you to take care of your family.


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