Attendance and Participation


You are expected to attend class every day, arrive on time, and participate in an informed and consistent manner. Lecture notes will not be available online so it is imperative that you attend class. If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check on announcements made while you were away. Attendance will be taken throughout the semester; if you are absent 5 times, you will lose 10% from overall grades; 6 times, you will lose 15% from your overall grade; if absent more than 7 times, you will receive an “F” for the course. It is your responsibility to keep track of your absences. Please communicate issues as they arise.


In order for this class to be productive you will need to come to class each and every day prepared to discuss the material.  This requires more than simply doing the reading (WHICH IS ESSENTIAL), but arriving at class with a readiness to discuss the issues for that day.  Despite the size of this class, it is my hope that we can have engaging and productive conversations. While I will lecture, it is expected that the class be interactive. In an effort to facilitate dialog and to encourage collective interaction, I am requiring that you purchase a clicker for this class.  Your daily participation and contributions/participation via the clicker will be the primary basis of your participation grade.  However, participation extends beyond clickers and being engaged within the class.

Recognizing that silence is not always a result of a lack of interest or preparation, I envision participation along many lines.  Participating in class not only consists of talking, but also includes listening (please do not talk while others are speaking), interacting with your peers, and contributing to our classroom energy (body language, being engaged – no newspapers, no playing “rock, paper scissors,” or cell phones).  Your participation score will consist of clicker points, attendance, and in-class/online participation.

There are three additional ways to enhance your participation grade and contribution to class:

□   You can participate in online discussions, comment on the course blog or otherwise engage our learning community

□   You can e-mail me comments or questions prior to class

□   You can hand me a note at the beginning of class that asks specific questions (or relays comments) about readings, a previous lecture or film – I will do my best to incorporate into that day’s class

□   You can also enhance participation grade by reading the daily newspapers in print or online and bringing the class’s attention to relevant articles/developments

Participation score will be derived from participation in class/online, attendance, and clicker points.

Participation Portion of grades based on following:

135-160 Points:          Attends class (less than 2 absences); active participant in class in all regards;  enhances and invigorates the class; active and successful with student  response device

115-134.99 Points:     Attends class; participates and contributes on occasion either in class or  online; does not push class conversation in new directions but often contributes; good clicker score

85-114.99 Points:       More than 5 absences; low clicker score; contributes on occasions but does so at basic level; engaged, but not active

50-84.99 Points:         Rarely contributes, more than 5 absences and low clicker score; shows limited effort and interest in class

25-49.99  Points:        Does not contribute, and is often absent; brings little energy and generally demonstrates little interest or effort within class

0-24.99  Points:         Rarely in class and when in class detracts from overall success of class because of disinterest, use of cell phone in class, sleeping during class, disengagement, negative attitude rudeness, non or        disruptive/destructive participation, etc.



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