Key Realities

Key Realities

It is important that everyone arrives in class with an open-mind, a critical gaze (a willingness to go beyond common assumptions) and most importantly a willingness and desire to read, attend class, and learn.  Without preparedness and reading skills (as well as a desire to engage in those elements of learning) this class will be a struggle. For those students who want to improve these skills, this class will facilitate that process.  For those who want a class that does not require thinking, that does not mandate completion of the reading, that sees attendance as superfluous, and is in all ways easy on the mind, this may not be the class for you.  For those who think discussions about race and inequality are all about opinions and that class is a space to replicate the opinion-based debates of modern TV culture, this is not the class for you.  Please also note that while the course will work to promote discussions and interactive dialogues, the course isn’t a place to haphazardly share opinions without regard for research, facts, and evidence (this is not a debate show that we might see on television).  Conversations and opinions should be grounded in research and evidence; in order for productive exchanges, we must speak through research, and specific examples.


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