Jasbir Puar

Published November 5, 2014 by djlwsu

What 7 things did you learn from Dr. Puar; how do these 7 lessons connect to course themes and issues from CES 101


One comment on “Jasbir Puar

  • 1. Focus on Biopolitics
    – With the focus on biology and Politics, you can see there is an issue that rises in the talk. In general, comparing people that are disabled to their own political conflict, globally, others have an unearned advantage. Therefore, they have a type of privilege in a sense.

    2. Education and Biopolitics.
    – As used as a scenario during the speech. A particular country such as Palestine that is under biopolitical warfare and students were brought together with students from other countries. There would be some unearned advantages. Specifically, if the students were tested on their level of attention, Palestinian students could have lower scores due to their constant distraction of explosive warfare in the past. The other students would have a privilege compared to the Palestinian students.

    3. Guns and Chaos.
    Dr. Puar brought truth into many assumption. One of those assumptions was the thought of the middle east. She said that generally, many people initially think of guns and riots when talking about the middle east. However, this stereotype does not account the fact that Palestine has more explosives dropped on them than firing guns at other people.

    4. Vulnerability and governmental control
    Dr. Puar spoke of how there were warning signals and announcements given to civilians prior to being attacked by explosives. However, they were said to be distributed through the act of test messaging rather than media and other emergency broadcasting. This directly shows that there is some sort of disadvantage amongst the Palestinians with their vulnerability amongst the government. Unlike the Palestinians, American governments the privilege of “power to the people” and have more self-advocation in a way.

    5. Calculation of Calories
    Dr. Puar mentioned that many of the civilians that are Palestinians. There given a calculated ration of food that is designed to give enough so that a human can stay alive and not be healthy and content. Unlike american where citizens are able to eat any kind of food, anytime, and a often as you please, Palestinians do not have this privilege of such indulgence.

    6. Gaza’s Olympic team and targeted strikes.
    – As Dr. Puar mention in her talk, the Olympic team of Gaza was targeted in the bombings in the intention to hurt and injure them and not kill them. As many of them were athletic and evasive, this was an act of prejudice or personal hatred on their inability to conform to the powers.

    7. Phosphorous and other chemicals increasing chances of birth defects.
    Similarly to the talk on Education, many civilians subject to biopolitical warfare and the exposer to harmful chemicals such a phosphorous. As a study was conducted, countries like Palestine, have women with exposure to harmful chemicals that can increase the chances of birth defects. The normal births of other countries that are not subject to harmful chemicals have an unearned advantage or privilege towards the Palestinians.


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