Stop and Frisk (Double Participation)

Published October 28, 2014 by djlwsu


8 comments on “Stop and Frisk (Double Participation)

  • As an intended major in the Criminal Justice field, videos like this frustrate me. How Am
    I supposed to go into the belief that I’m justifying criminal behavior because its a bad act when
    not even a former NYPD officer doesn’t recommend it? I want to go into this feild knowing that
    I’m going to go into it with all the right intentions but I definately don’t want to base a successful
    and safe community based on the numbers that I can provide. Racism is a wall built up for an
    advantage of social class or simply classify people by the color of your skin. It makes me disgusted to think that
    even though people want to make a change for the better the government will always control us
    with numbers of income or positions.


  • Someone like myself who wants to be a police officer in the future, videos like this make me sick. Growing up in the suburbs and never experiencing something like this this is all new to me and at times made me want to reconsider my future career. It’s terrible that police officers like this still have a job to this day, they stop innocent black and Latino people because they can and they have no consequences. I’ve heard about things of this nature in the news but hearing this makes me not respect police officers. I believe that when I do want to have this career I will bring integrity to it and I wish that more minorities wanted to be police officers as well, but because of all this police violence towards minorities as of late I believe all minorities are taking a different route. Even more so for minorities that grow up in these areas and have to deal with this. What makes them want to work for a police department that has terrorized them growing up? This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed, if it takes cameras on them at all times so be it. Hope we as Americans can fix this.


  • This video is extremely disturbing and twisted in a lot of ways. To think that the very people who protect us are also against us is very unsettling. The latino boy who was walking home from his girlfriends house should not have gotten what he did. the cops had NO right to go and harass him for wearing a hoody. This video really makes me question some of the encounters I’ve had with the cops. Im a white girl with blonde hair; When I was speeding in my car, I as doing 45 in a 35, I didn’t get a ticket, all I got was a talking to by the cop. Later that day I was riding in the car with my boyfriend, who’s Mexican, and he was speeding to in the exact same spot. He was pulled over for doing 40 in a 35 and received a ticket. I honestly had no idea why he received a ticket and I didn’t. I was going 5 miles faster. Now looking back after watching this video is all makes sense why he received the ticket and I didn’t. I think its extremely messed up that cops would target minorities just so they could meet their 250. A guilty person is guilty, a person who only looks guilty is still innocent until proven guilty.


  • Record them! The methods of cops trickles from the top to the bottom as many officers have expressed. However the solution seems to start now from the bottom up.recordings are undeniable truth’s and shown to the right people can bring about change. I really feel for Alvin . In the situation it seems he is the one being harassed and put endanger or violence. If the effort to do a “250” was put into the apprehension of actual criminals then we would find more. This course of action is further distancing people of color and the law enforcement. The cops aggression seems to be a factor in this as well. it is one to racially profile civilians and it is another to being aggressive. Both lead to negative outcomes in the communities affected. All in all it is the Irony “protect and serve” “stop and frisk”


  • It is unbelievable to me that Police get away with doing things like this. I feel like I have seen so many cases, especially in the past couple of years, showing police violence against minorities. It was so clear an obvious that the man was being stopped and frisked because of his race. The police officer pointed out so many things like him being a “mut” and “weren’t you an explorer?” to the man that were so racially degrading. As a minority myself it is so frustrating to me that things like this happen because of the color of your skin. The fact that police officers have the power to do what they want to these people is disgusting. The police officer literally said that he was going to break his arm, punch him, and then arrest him just because he was a “mut.” Something needs to be changed with our law enforcement because the way that things are going right now, this is only going to continue to happen. Minorities are hate the police, and for good reason. How does the government expect people to trust the police when they aren’t doing their jobs.


  • This video made me so mad watching it.. Even though we talk about it in class and watch videos on it, it doesn’t seem real that people are treated this way but this video just made it seem very real to me. If I were a NY Police Officer I would be utterly ashamed of this video and the way it makes their department look. They look like the most racist a**holes, and the sad thing is I’m sure the NYPD isn’t the only department doing stop and frisks like this. It makes me angrier that the mayor and head chief said “it’s not a big deal.” This is a huge issue and the reason why stereotypes and racism won’t go away, because even in the 21st century minorities are being treated like they were a hundred years ago- like they are property. The fact that the officer cusses at him for no reason and then further asks why he has an empty book bag made me so mad, like maybe he’s just walking home and happens to have a bag with him? If any white male were walking along the streets I have the utmost faith they would not get stopped like he did. The officers are not doing their jobs, they are encouraging stereotypical behavior and making the world a harder place to live in.


  • After watching this video, I am astonished that this horrible act of police offers abusing their ego and power happens 1800 times a day in New York City. Nothing is more important than justice and after seeing that this is what the NYPD considers “Justice” sickens me. The fact that the police officers go beyond just harrasing and actual threaten to hurt innocent people should be plenty enough to end this crime acted by the ones who are supposed to prevent and regulate crime. Since officers aren’t monitored by anyone by themselves, more recordings should be done to expose the truth behind what is actually happening regarding “Stop and Frisk” In New York City.


  • After watching this video and hearing how the police department is forcing police to harass people is horrible. It is not by their choice they have to do it because it is their job and in turn they are hated for it. No one should have to do something that they do not feel is right or the do not want to do When the police commissioner talked about it from his own words it made me realize how messed up our society is. Then when Alvin was being harassed when he was walking home was completely unnecessary. The police officer was treating Alvin with such disrespect it makes me sick to see this going on in our society.


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