History Matters (EXTRA CREDIT)

Published October 16, 2014 by djlwsu

Watch this film and write 350-450 words on the film, the history that it tells that is so often erased within educational spaces, and the significance of knowing this history.

Last day to participate December 1

25 Extra CREDIT points


One comment on “History Matters (EXTRA CREDIT)

  • After watching the videos I became notified about how important it is to understand the history in North America because many Americans don’t even know where they came from. People can finally be aware of the long lost truth to be told and how the Europeans always edited the history indigenous as savages when white Europeans were the actual savages. I find it interesting that many Americans seem this ignore this, the Europeans took over America and caused the natives to eliminate large groups of their people. We look at the holocaust and other genocides and feel deeply for them but many people don’t seem to understand how severe the corruption is between the US and indigenous people. The tradition, culture, and ways of life have been destroyed during this time. Even though many people died off of diseases and other illnesses it is important to be educated about the decisions that many American’s ancestors made. It is unfair that the Native Americans were so low on resources that they physically could not control the invasion of Europeans that were equipped with armor and more advanced technology. This subject isn’t taught deeply enough and that’s where the gap about the knowledge takes place within us humans. Many people know the surface of what happened but are still blind to the facts and little detail that are mentioned in this video. One of the reasons this is important because I feel that many people don’t respect Native Americans enough after this happened to their ancestors and erased their culture. Yeah we give them free education, casino reservations, etc. but they deserve more than that. The tragedy that the Native Americans experienced long ago should be acknowledged more to this day than it is because when it comes down to it, they are still suffering. In conclusion, I am glad I watched this video because it explained something I didn’t fully understand at first and am now aware of. The history of North America is something that is truly important to understand because with the knowledge of the past, we can use it our advantage during this time and the future.


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