Racist College Party Season Is Here: Send Us Your Pics

Welcome to October: the leaves are turning, the nights are getting colder, and college Greek parties are getting even more racist than usual.

An anonymous tipster sent us these Facebook photos of Zeta Tau Alphas at Texas Tech gearing up for a “Border Patrol” bash last weekend. Look, there are the sexy border patrol cops, and there are the girls wearing sombreros and shaking maracas. Now get on the ground and chug this rail tequila!

Racist College Party Season Is Here: Send Us Your Pics

And please someone help that dog. Congratulations, ZTA, you win the first racist party of the season prize.

There are more prizes to be awarded, however. We’re searching for the most racist fraternities and sororities in the nation, and we need your help. As chapters gear up for Halloween over the next four weeks, they’ll no doubt host theme parties like “Colonial Bros and Nava-Hoes,”“Asian” and “blackface.” We want pictures of those parties.

This is an official call for anything you see at your school or other universities: party invitations, Instagrams, Facebook photos, whatever. Screenshot it all and send it to allie@gawker.com or our tips line, tips@gawker.com. For big-ticket items involving famous people or the sons and daughters of famous people, we might even pay.

As we collect the data, we’ll tally up which national sororities and fraternities are responsible for the highest number of racist events. Is your frat the most racist in America? Check back and see.

My money’s on Sigma Chi, but it’s early.


Duke Students Protest ‘Racist Rager’ Frat Party

By  Feb 6, 2013 6:32pm

Students at Duke University today protested a fraternity party dubbed the “Racist Rager,” at which attendees dressed as Asians, including wearing conical hats, geisha costumes and an inflatable sumo suit.

On Tuesday, the school’s Asian Student Alliance plastered the campus with fliers that included the fraternity’s original email invitation that to a Feb. 1 party called “Kappa Sigma Asia Prime,” as well as photographs of frat members and other partygoers dressed in Asian-stereotype costumes.

The original invitation, obtained by a student newspaper, the Duke Chronicle, included racist language, including the salutation, “Herro Nice Duke Peopre,” and the line, “We look forward to having Mi, Yu, You and Yo Friends … over for some sake.”

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When the email was reported to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Kappa Sigma sent out a new invitation noting that the party’s name had been changed to “International Relations: A Celebration of All Cultures and the Diversity of Duke.”

Today’s protest was attended by around 500 people, the Chronicle reported.

“This protest is about the destructive prejudice that must be uprooted from every corner of Duke to make this place an inclusive and safe place for all,” Asian Student Alliance President Ting-Ting Zhou said at the protest.

Duke members of Kappa Sigma did not immediately return emails seeking comment.

The national organization, however, said that the Duke chapter’s charter had been suspended.

In a similar incident in November, members of Duke’s women’s lacrosse team threw a Halloween party in which members dressed in blackface