Everyday and Entrenched Privileges (double participation)

Published October 2, 2014 by djlwsu

What do each of these videos teach us about privileges (give specifics and reflect on how they may or may not operate in your own lives)


7 comments on “Everyday and Entrenched Privileges (double participation)

  • The second video really raised the question for me, why is god perceived as white? I have never really thought about why he is white in all the pictures, murals, and statues. God, or Jesus, came from the middle east so shouldn’t he be technically middle eastern decent? Another thing is I have never realized that being a woman does come at some costs. When I go to a party I always keep my drink in my hand and have someone walk me home. It seems normal to me to do this but watching the video, I realize because I am a woman, I do this to stay safe from men. Men are not bad or try to take advantage of woman for the most part, but still us women take these precautions to make absolute sure that we try to avoid the worst situation possible the best that we can. I have many privileges being a white woman, I can go to any party I want, I don’t get a second look when I go through security, and im looked upon as being “normal”. I am guilty for looking a other races and thinking “she looks Mexican” or “he’s definitely an Asian” but I have never looked at myself and thought “I’m white”. I guess I never have done that because white is looked at as normal and, now noticing, that is an entrenched privilege.


  • I agree with Paige about the normalcy of women’s actions that are deeply ingrained as oppressions. After watching the video I took a look at the title again. “13 Things No One Tells You About Being A Women ” this title alludes to the way these inequalities are hidden in institutions. These institutions are the laws that maintain ” you’ll be paid 78 cents to the dollar”. The biggest theme in the video is the evident rape culture. She says “Don’t forget your drink” and he says ” well what were you wearing?”. Men are awarded privileges in that these phrases are not said . I also agree that not all men’s actions are ill intended but rather the language and actions most use are passed a normal.

    The second video was riveting , this man was truly inspired by his findings to speak as he did. With his references to god we see that race touches so many aspects of life. In this light we establish the roles of power with color and take the privilege of identity away from people who do not look like their god. Many articles and his phrase “I am aware of what privilege it is to speak on someone else’s oppression” throws me for a spin . there must be many views on who the speaker should be pertaining to racism , but I see them no different if they speak the facts. Lastly he mentions Tupac truly a victim of the crime ridden streets of oppressed black communities brought to back to life for entertainment. He was not brought back for his poetry on deeper meanings of racial justice. ” its so easy to have someone speak when they are dead”


  • As a guy you never really think about how women everyday is harassed and how they are looked as the weaker sex, but also how if she walks home alone at night she could get attacked.But guys could go outside on a hot day and just walk around with there shirts off where if a girl was to do that she would not only be harassed by men but also be called names but even her own gender. another thing is pay discrimination women make 0.78 cents of the dollar because our society think as women as the weaker sex.

    In the second video I find he talks about institutional racism.Also how easy it for some to become white when they are dead for example Jesus is presented white in all of his painting and stain glass but he is from the middle east descent. Also how when he talked about tupac how they showed him in a hologram praying for his god to show up but he never came and how a Jewish man became a white man
    this teaches us everyone s opinion views and vision change and don’t stay with one race because one person may view god as white where to another god is black and so on. many people have view just on skin color for example in the video we watch in class today the lady with white skin even though she was half black she step in for her sister in law who was after her in the check out line and was being discriminated on because she was black and the checker was like i know you and the lady was like now you don’t i have only been going her for a few month where she has been going for year and they everyone in that one little area started in. But what would of happen if the black lady had stated saying something many things could of happen like for example she could have been arrested or could have been banned form the store but we will never know.


  • I like to think of the first video as showing some of the privileges that men have in comparison to those of a woman. Woman are considered to be scared to walk alone because of the fact that we are considered to be weaker than men and this can be true, for example when I walk at night I always like to walk with someone else whether its a girl or a boy just to feel that comfort of knowing that if anything happens to me I will not be alone. In the first video it is also said that woman are looked at based on their appearance. This happens on a daily basis to every one of us because we always have to wake up earlier than men if we want to give a presentable appearance or else we could just be looked at and not be respected. The second video states that it is a privilege for us to be able to talk about someone else oppression. We have the privilege to not only talk about a persons oppression but anything that might have happened in their life. For example in my Spanish class when we are assigned a reading most of them talk about the authors personal experiences. When reading this we are using one of our privileges.


  • The first video highlights and goes deeper into the stereotypes of what women go through vs. a male. How women have to deal with these perceived misconceptions and the physical/gender barriers they are presented with. Not only in the work force, but out at a club, or walking down the street of your own neighborhood getting cat called. The automatic privilege that comes with being a male. But through a hypocritical lens you can say how women get the upper hand then men do. How women get treated, or are supposed to get treated, like ladies. Having the door held open for us isn’t a bad thing, or the term ladies first isn’t a bad thing. It’s the fact that some men don’t think we have the capability to be independent or strong women who can handle carrying a 30-pound box down the hall.
    The second video really had me thinking from the first line till the last. The emotions in this poets voice and how passionate he was about the racial injustices he was discussing were riveting. We as a society look past the fact that god has always been perceived as white. Does that mean white people are more connected with god vs. someone of ethnic decent? No, but that is a question that has been brought up and discussed through out our history and yet, some people do feel that way. When the poet talked about Tupac and the hologram that was used for entertainment purposes he made a very valid point that it’s easy to make someone speak when they are dead. A very powerful statement that can be applied to countless situations. The video of him praying to god looking past all the racial disadvantages he went through in his life. How the lyrics of Tupac highlight and focus on the issue of race but yet it only showed him praying. We all look past what is right in front of our face and choose to focus on the ‘happy’ message instead of the underlying problem.


  • I find that both videos seem to show my personal benefits from privilege, as a white male.
    The first video does a very good job of showing just how judged women are in everything they do. Anything from clothing to deciding whether or not to have children is cause for snide remarks and putting them down. I don’t think I’ve ever had to worry about being judged about dressing poorly, or not looking good when I walk outside. I found a related video that was interesting as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePM7RSD9SnA
    It really adds to just how different men and women are treated in what people try to imagine is an advanced society. Thinking of men worrying about the same things women are worried about is just absurd to actually hear, which to me at least, helps make a lasting impression on gender inequality.

    As for the second video, I thought he made some interesting points. Trying to make Jesus white is an interesting concept. Christians almost always attempt to depict Jesus as white, when The Bible clearly states numerous times that Jesus was born into a Jewish home, and was a direct descendant of King David, one of the most prolific and well-known Jews The Bible, and in Jewish history. However, whites misshaped The Bible so much that they somehow used The Bible to oppress the people that their God was born into. Also, his points on institutional racism were interesting. The fact that a young white American can cheer on Tupac’s hologram, or more generally, be so unaware of the oppression every minority around them faces is a huge privilege. Black’s have been forced into their current situation by whites, and are still being held down through various means, and yet here we are, acting like racism is a thing of the past, as if we’re a racially respecting society. Many facts about our society seem to say otherwise.


  • The first video brings up the privileges women don’t get to enjoy because of their gender. Women are stereotyped as weaker and more emotional and when it comes to things like walking home alone at night and going to a party not having to worry about their drink getting drugged, they don’t get to enjoy these privileges that men do. Along with this women are often viewed as sex objects rather than people, forcing them to always worry about their appearance so they can be taken seriously. Men are awarded privileges of being able to avoid having fears of rape, more likely to be taken seriously in the work force, and not be seen as being weak and emotional. In my life I see these privileges that I am stripped of because I am a women everyday. For instance I have never walked back home alone at night, I am always accompanied by another person to avoid having the fear of getting taken. Multiple times I have been told to make sure to never put my drink down, just like in the video where the actress states to her friend “Don’t forget your drink.” While girls are being reminded of this at every party they go to, men are never.

    In the second video white privilege is seen where God is perceived as white, not Jewish, or Middle Eastern. I was not even aware of how thinking of God as a white man is giving me privilege. In class we talk about how when with the same race you feel like you relate with them more, and for God to be seen as white that gives whites that privilege of feeling more connected. The poet also brings up that whites are so easily able to look past oppression and and the history of racism because they have never experienced it, but they somehow have the right to use someones life experiences in oppression and racism as entertainment.


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