Colorblindness, racism, and Equity (Online Writings)

Published September 11, 2014 by djlwsu

“Is colorblindness same as equality?”  Is colorblindness equity? What’s the difference between equity and equality?  In answering these question, write about how equality or equity is reached in relationship to race.  Use specifics from reading and from course materials
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2 comments on “Colorblindness, racism, and Equity (Online Writings)

  • No, colorblindness does not equate to equality. All colorblindness does is ignore or avoid race, it does nothing to stop racism. As Meghan Burke stated in her article “Colorblindness vs. Race-Consciousness”, institutional racism will still be able to thrive in America’s schooling system and housing market as well as others. The colorblind ideology removes the superficial racism from our everyday encounters with each other but allows the deeply embedded racism to stay present. For example, in a colorblind community, a white family would not think twice about their neighbors being black, it would not bother them. However, the white families that are looking for a home to purchase would make their decision based on opportunity and investments, both of which are not heavily present in black communities (Burke 5.)
    Colorblindness can only be considered “fair” after institutional racism is removed because only then will there be opportunities given to all regardless of race. Equality and equity are similar, but not the same. In an equal society, everyone would have the same type of opportunities presented to them. Their neighborhoods, race or even family history would not stifle their chance to receive an education , a loan for a car or home or even a job. On the contrary, a society steeped in equity or fairness, allows for separation within itself since it cannot remove the split that is already present today. Equal opportunities would be given to those of the same kind. For instance, the kids in the wealthier schools which or majorly white, will have access to more technology as well as building maintenance and a larger staff. For this group, every one has a fair chance at all the opportunities provided by the school but this privilege does not extend to the less fortunate schools that have a larger race mix in their student body.
    As we discussed in class and saw through our first readings by Sara Jackson, race must be talked about and recognized in order for there to be a step forward to a more equal society. We must step into an uncomfortable-and quite sensitive- place to start stripping away the deep rooted institutional racism and following that, individual racism as well.


  • The definition of equity is to be fair and just; equality it be equal, to have the same rights and opportunities as others. Both definitions are similar but far from being colorblind. equality and equity have evolved in this country, for example, in the early 1900’s when Plessy v. Ferguson was decided, whites assumed that segregation was right even though blacks were mistreated. Now colorblindness has replaced segregation as the new form of equality, but it is still not right. Although equality and equity have very similar definitions it is still not the same as being colorblind and acting as if theres no differences in people.
    Colorblindness is not the worst thing, it has let this country see past someones skin color to real them but, prejudice still exists. But the reason that colorblindness does not cure prejudice is because institutional, subconscious, and private racism persists, this is why colorblindness does not make someone equal or is a just thing. Many statistics proved from a subconscious standpoint that good things were much harder to associate black names versus white names. from white and black races. Another statistic proved that two job candidates applied for the same job with same qualifications the one with the white name would most likely get the job.This subconsciously we are all a bit racist and that is why colorblindness is not effective. Behind closed doors prejudice still thrives so being colorblind does not do the trick, people always think they are superior to others and it might be because of race, but that is human
    This country believes that equality and equity have been met because citizens have been given rights. But the country should think that equality should be met when know matter who you are, where you came from or what you do you are equally excepted. For example, a black family should not be pulled over by racist cops just for being black(video in class where family gets pulled over because they are black and car descriptions did not match). To be equal is just how it sounds for two people no matter how different they are to be treated and looked at the same by the world.


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